Air Texture Volume Ⅴ selected by Spacetime Continuum and Juju & Jordash AIR005
Spacetime Continuum Selection
  1. Spacetime Continuum
  2. Move D
    “Gli Ragazzi Di Baia Di Puolo”
  3. Fred P
  4. Patrice Scott
  5. Kit n C.L.A.W.S.
    “Vieil océan, ô grand célibataire”
  6. i:Cube
  7. Sunshine Jones
  8. Claude Young
    “Fukui Morning”
  9. Tragic Selector (Terre Thaemlitz,
    Daisuke Tadokoro)
    “A Dialogue With Gravity”
  10. Velocette
    “Petite Mort”
  11. AYBEE
    “Purpose Awakening”
  12. Rrose
    “Tongue Piece”
Juju & Jordash Selection
  1. Planet Love
  2. Magic Mountain High
  3. Autre
    “Seven Armed Drummer”
  4. Gravity's Angel
    “Billy Esq. Goes Legit”
  5. Max D
    “Want We”
  6. Anto
  7. Magic Mountain High
    “Smeared Textures”
  8. Ilya Ziblat & Roberto Garretón
    “The Voices (Spooky Mix)”
  9. Ma Spaventi
  10. Juju & Jordash
    “Twenty Bars”
  11. Donato Dozzy
  12. Gigi Masin
    “The Amber Room”

  14. Marc Kate
    “Death With Dignity”
  15. Dalglish
    “Ciaradh (NgT13Edit)”
  16. Its Own Infinite Flower
    “By Starlight”
  17. Easychord
    “I Wasn’t There For Goodbye”
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Air Texture Volume Ⅳ selected by Steve Hauschildt and BNJNM AIR004
Steve Hauschildt Selection
  1. Steve Hauschildt
  2. Mirror to Mirror
    “Crush Ambien”
  3. Le Révélateur
    “Another (Terminal)”
  4. Heathered Pearls
    “In Memory Form”
  5. Jonathan Fitoussi
  6. Pulse Emitter
    “Border Crossing”
  7. Dino Spiluttini
    “The Hostile Sea”
  8. Günter Schlienz
  9. Forest Management
    “Remote Rail Ex”
  10. Event Cloak
    “One or Twice”
  11. Sarah Davachi
    “as the morning”
  12. Steve Hauschildt
BNJMN Selection
  1. BNJNM
    “The Gloom / Lovelight”
  2. Lukid
    “The Air You Breathe”
  3. Brighton
  4. Teebs
    “Whirling 84”
  5. Samoyed & Sam Playford-Greenwell
    “Bullocks Running”
  6. Legowelt
    “Vanished In Tromso”
  7. Best Available Technology
  8. The Hers
  9. Vaghe Stelle
  10. Herva
  11. BNJMN
  12. Hieroglyphic Being
    “Rumori Circostanti di Melody Pops & Clic & Silenzio”

  14. Alex Smoke
  15. Heathered Pearls
    “Pacific Summits (Pulse Version)”
Cover  ⟶
Air Texture Volume Ⅲ selected by Deadbeat and DJ Olive AIR003
Deadbeat Selection
  1. Deadbeat
    “Laura Solaris”
  2. SHRUBBN!!
    “Echo 8|4”
  3. Loops of Your Heart
    “Like a Wolf”
  4. Blue Fields
    “Open Your Eyes”
  5. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer
  6. Hrdvsion
    “The No Face”
  7. Tobias Freund
  8. Jacopo Carreras
    “Violinic Drumming”
  9. Thomas Fehlmann
  10. Pole
  11. NSI. Non Standard Institute
  12. Exercise One
    “Toy Park”
  13. Tom Thiel
  14. Deadbeat
    “Primordian Waves”
DJ Olive Selection
  1. Phill Niblock
    “Bells & Timps”
  2. Ikue Mori
    “While Sleeping”
  3. Pauline Oliveros
    “Cows, Cows, Cows!”
  4. Jim O'rourke
    “Low Bow”
  5. Fennesz
  6. Marina Rosenfeld
    “A track (with beats)”
  7. Oren Ambarchi
  8. Evynid Kang
    “Petrified Wood”
  9. Andris Brazus
    “Étalé de tout son long”
  10. Raz Mesinai
    “Go Figure Skating”
  11. lloop
    “a bit more than a digit”
  12. DJ Olive
    "One Day Old"
  13. Once11

  15. Multipolyomni
    “Titicaca Moon”
Cover  ⟶
Air Texture Volume Ⅱ selected by loscil and Rafael Anton Irisarri AIR002
loscil Selection
  1. Brian McBride
    "At a Loss"
  2. Marcus Fischer
    "A Fifth Season"
  3. loscil
  4. Chris Herbert
  5. Pan American
  6. Strategy
    "Frog City"
  7. Solo Andata
    "At Commissure"
  8. P Jørgensen
  9. Rob Bridgett
    "Field 3"
  10. Mitchell Akiyama
    "Dirge for the Canon"
Rafael Anton Irisarri Selection
  1. Marcus Fjellström
    "The Eroding (Fairytale Music 3)"
  2. Sawako
  3. Simon Scott
  4. Library Tapes
    "Och Natten Andades Redan Under Träden"
  5. Lissom
    "Hollow of Winter"
  6. Mokira
    "I Love You Pipecock"
  7. Benoît Pioulard
    "If I could possibly tell the difference, I wouldn't care anyway."
  8. Eluvium
  9. Kyle Bobby Dunn
    "La Passerelle de Ses Yeux"
  10. Rafael Anton Irisarri
    “Black Days Follow Me Around”
  11. Lawrence English
    “Cooperative Drift”
  12. bvdub
    “Surrender To Your Cold Embrace (feat. Wang Lijing & Lu Yan)”
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Air Texture Volume Ⅰ selected by bvdub and Andrew Thomas AIR001
bvdub Selection
  1. Orla Wren
    "A Canvas For Your Yearning"
  2. Rafael Anton Irisarri
  3. Let's Go Outside
    "Hold Still Without Me"
  4. bvdub
    "Tried So Hard"
  5. Maps and Diagrams
    "The Shape of Things to Come"
  6. Ian Hawgood
    "Me, You and Nagano"
  7. Hessien
    "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"
  8. Ian Hawgood, Konntinent
  9. The Green Kingdom
    "Kalimba Sketch"
  10. Ryonkt
  11. Arc of Doves
    “I Remember When”
Andrew Thomas Selection
  1. Klimek
    "Ice Storm (Prelude To A Fratticide)"
  2. Andrew Thomas
    "Black Sky Bright Sun"
  3. Atlas Sound
    "Diorama Rendered"
  4. Oneohtrix Point Never
    "Sand Patrina"
  5. Chihei Hatakeyama
    "Road After Rain"
  6. Klimek
    "Live in Murmansk"
  7. loscil
  8. Biosphere
    "Iberia 5"
  9. Markus Guentner
  10. Oneohtrix Point Never
    "Alexander Scriabin (Edit)"
  11. Bevan Smith, Tristan Dingemans
    “Dispatch 1”
  12. Leyland Kirby
  13. Markus Guentner
    "To The Place Where The Sunrise Begins"
  14. Wolfgang Voigt
    “Fresko 1”

  16. Signer
Cover  ⟶